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Art Project Ideas

Creativity can ease stress, expedite learning & allow us to see circumstances in different ways. Here are a few exercises to discover & grow and a few ideas to inspire.


Walk around your room and draw 3 objects. (Things that are not moving.)

Observe the object, look at it from different directions. Find an interesting view and render it with a pencil. 


Pick your favorite drawing from day 1. 

Redraw it by giving it an attitude and a personality. Add features like arms, legs, etc. You can even make it do an activity. Repeat this with the remaining two objects if you like. 

Share your creation on various social media platforms with a hashtag of JustThinkArt (#JustThinkArt). If you are my student, e-mail me your work-in-progress.


Now pick your favorite picture from day 2 and add a background to it. 

You can be as creative as you like, and choose to finish it by coloring it and outlining it if you wish. 

Any medium is fine – crayons, markers colored pencils, oil pastels or paint. 

Don’t forget to share your pictures. 


Today we are going to explore the kitchen. Find interesting pots pans utensils etc and draw a few of them in an interesting layout on a page. 


Take any one thing that you drew from day 4 and give it wheels like a car or a bike. You can design it as a unique vehicle, give it headlights, windows and more. 


Today you can create a character or creature with one of the other utensils. Give it a personality, draw some hair eyes, etc. Now draw your character sitting on the vehicle (you created on day 5) or riding in it. 


Create a background or a surrounding for your new vehicle. 

Finish your artwork. You can choose to color and shade your vehicle. Once you finish your masterpiece, share it with me and on social media (remember to use the hashtag). 

Remember to draw light so it is easy to fix your drawing. Also, color inside the lines and in one direction.

If you have any other creative ideas do share. Keep drawing sketching painting and having fun.