Virtual Lessons

With the current situation, it seems like distance learning will be the way for at least a few more months. 

Summer vacation is starting and many are looking for activities for their children. With this in mind, I am introducing virtual art lessons starting June 1st. The charges are discounted to $50/month. There will be 4 classes/month. Classes will be approximately 1 hour-long to keep the child’s attention level in mind and I will be doing different lesson times based on age group.

I start teaching ages 5 and up. Everyone will be placed in different groups based on their age and level. I teach middle school, high school as well as adults.

– Darshini Aithal 


Tuesday3:00 - 4:007 to 92
Wednesday3:00 - 4:009 to 123
Thursday3:00 - 4:0012 to 164
Friday2:30 - 3:305 to 71